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Membership benefits

Society of Economic Geologists & Mineral Technologists is a fast growing international technical NGO, founded in Peshawar in 1989 with the aim of sustainable development of mineral, water, coal & petroleum resources, related industries and protection of the environment.

SEGMITE has Members, Life Members and Corporate Members both within Pakistan and across the globe. SEGMITE offers Membership to scientists or technologists engaged in research and teaching in the fields of Economic and Environmental Geology.

Those running industry or company related to mineral, petroleum, water and energy sectors may join as Corporate Member of the Society. Those pursuing studies in these fields are eligible to join as Student Member.

The Society also publishes an Online, Open Access, Peer reviewed, Quarterly, International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology from Department of Geology, University of Karachi, Pakistan. It is HEC “Y” category journal indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Center (PASTIC).

Society members will be invited to contribute research articles in this international journal available online at: ( Members of the Society will also be informed about the Journal’s current issues and Society’s national/ international events and members Directory will also be compiled.