The Society of Economic Geologists and Mineral Technologists (SEGMITE) is a registered, non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1989. This international technical forum was established with the aim of sustainable development of surface and ground water resources, oil/gas, metallic mineral deposits, industrial rocks and minerals, gemstones and mineral based industries. The other objective of SEGMITE is to provide a platform for geoscientists/mining engineers and other stakeholders to exchange their views on research, technology and policies related to mineral, water, energy and environmental sectors of the economy.


"Society of Economic Geologists & Mineral Technologists is a fast growing international technical NGO, founded in Peshawar in 1989 with the aim of sustainable development of mineral, water, coal & petroleum resources, related industries and protection of the environment.

SEGMITE has Members, Life Members and Corporate Members both within Pakistan and across the globe. SEGMITE offers Membership to scientists or technologists engaged in research and teaching in the fields of Economic and Environmental Geology. Those running industry or company related to mineral, petroleum, water and energy sectors may join as Corporate Member of the Society."

Our Affiliate

WME (Water, Minerals and Environmental) Consultants, a multidisciplinary professional and scientific consultancy firm is engaged in providing consultancy services in executing projects in the fields of soil, water, mining/mineral, environment, health & safety, vocational training etc. It oversees and helps its clients meet all industry requirements pertaining to various analyses, feasibility, and lab & testing services, environmental monitoring/assessments such as EIA/IEE and other certifications required by different regularity authorities/bodies.

We at WME Consultants have expertise to assist public/private sectors, national/international organizations & industries in formulating pragmatic policies and providing services to the best satisfaction of its clients.

WME Consultants is an affiliate of SEGMITE (Society of Economic Geologists and Mineral Technologists) which has a technical pool of large number of professional geoscientists, mining engineers and environmentalists based in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other parts of the world. SEGMITE publishes quarterly (online) International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology (IJEEG) from University of Karachi, Pakistan.

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